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Oldest spruce in Poland (350 years) grows in Strzelce Opolskie, but tallest one in Zawoja on Babiogorski National Park territory.
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In our household, most of trade is wholesale. Every year we sell tens of thousands of trees to wholesalers and big retail vendors. Last year, most of our trees went to Polish market.

Sale of that size required creating cheap and reliable packing and trasport system from us. With aid of special machines, we pack our trees on palletes, so one truck can carry 2000 of them. Due to this, we can deliver many trees to our customers in short time.


Since few years, at before-christmas period, we sell our trees on stands in few biggest cities of northeast Poland.

In both wholesale and retail, our trees are packed in special polyethylene mesh, so transport is easier and trees are safe from damage.

If you have interest in cooperation with us, please let us know - visit contacting page.

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