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Spruce is unique because of flat and extensive roots system, due to this it's highly vulnerable to wind.
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Our household lies in Bialowieza Forest since 1990. Since 1992, we started to specialize in christmas trees production, basing on norway spruce (Picea abies) end Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanianna). We're making our plantation methods closest to perfection as possible.

Production is based on natural plantation methods - because of that, our trees are cute and - what's the most important - they have beautiful scent. We're producing cut down trees as well as potted ones. Also, due to good and healthy placement of household, we're offering guest gooms - please visit www.chatka.biał

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2.5 - 3.0 meter size, group A

Too dense planting of trees reduces their quality

1.5 - 2 meter size, group A
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