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Wood is hard, light and elastic - it's used in cellulose industry. The wood of old spruces is used to create "soul" of violins.
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We have following trees in our offer:

- Norway spruce, formed, cut down
- Norway spruce, formed, potted
- Nordmann fir

Typical norway spruce

Typical blue spruce

Typical nordmann fir

Trees are divided into four quality groups and three height groups.

Quality groups:
1. Group A (prima) - "A" group trees have straight trunk, cone shape, and are steadily and thick branched. Most beautiful trees on plantation, virtually without any defects. Branches of these trees are strong, needles are thick and long. However they are more expensive, they're selling well - they're cute and our customers do appreciate it.
2. Group B (standard) - trees of this category have all group "A" traits, although they're not perfect shaped. However, it is high quality merchandise for mass trading.
3. Group C (supermarket) - deformed, bad coloured trees. We're not selling them - on usual plantation, this kind covers 20-40% of bulk.
4. Group D - other species of trees.

You don't know which group should you choose?

For every wholesale customer, we offer MIX group, which contains group A and B or B and C trees in 1-to-1 proportion.

Typical group A tree

This is how group B trees look like

Height groups, marked with colours as following:

Blue1,0m - 1,5m
Red1,5m - 2,0m
Yellow2,0m - 2,5m

We can also prepare other sizes for special request.

Comparision beetween our trees' sizes and standing man

Red size
1,5m - 2,0m

Yellow size
2,0m - 2,5m

Potted spruce is being sold in A & B quality groups. It's dug and potted right before christmas season.

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